In a fishbowl

Of consequence

Struggling for confidence

Wading in perchance

Arrive on an avenue of happenstance

More misery to finance

We all so love this dance

Come on join in

Take a chance

Fall into the morbid trance

Hoping for prominence

In a fishbowl of consequence

Better restock your ordinance

Gotta kill all common sense

So many agendas to advance

Flush out all the incompetence

Gleefully exerting our dominance

Glad to stomp on concomitance

Deftly avoiding moral cognizance

Flaccid hero behind glass provenance

Digital gods bless us with providence

Our fingers dripping with fraudulence

Snapchat the Instagram on Pinterest about the tweet on Facebook

Vampire leeching my intelligence

Where’s the relevance

It’s all so much fucking nonsense

In the fishbowl of consequence

What happened to our compassion…



11 thoughts on “Fishbowl

  1. More misery to finance

    We all so love this dance

    Brilliant-good to see a strong voice talking honestly about addiction, and love the concept of fishbowl, that was the name of my first poetry collection 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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