Great piece from 1 Wise Woman

A Wise Woman Writes

I can’t be

A productive member

Of society

When I can’t even follow

My own thoughts

Because You and You

You threw me to the ground

Mixed with dust and detritus

Existing on

Layers of dirt and sand

Turned to rocky crag

Abandoned baby

Feral soul

Wild thing


Don the illusory garb

Hide in the dissociative shadows

On revolution road

Phantom sentiment fossilized in fear

Contorted into something more manageable

Manipulated into being well-behaved

Posing as real

Surviving on sacrifice

And raw reverence

Broken heart bleeding

In sugar coated hands

A meager existence

Delicious wounds to lick

My veiny eyes are wet

Swollen and red

Squinting at your scathing self

Sacred tears of rage and love

Solidified in savage scars

See you again super friend

When the stars align

You are a butterfly

My dragon’s breath melts

Your tattered wings

Fighting against my


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