5 before 4 into 1 the thief

5 before 1

Let us dance

I want to pay off and get this motherfucker out of here

When confronted with realities

I prefer to taunt the mockers

I smell the foul air, twisting on my rictus gin grin

and walk through your door

you will learn to be ridiculed

when you understand the game you have

already lost, it is the moment of aha

that I live for

you forget to make your move

Small people utter small words in small ways

about all they are incapable of understanding

comprehension of tension

rope a dope, soap on a trope

there is a quiet dignity in being


Are you me Am I you or am I a novice

made of lead and cigarettes with nothing left

other than a roll of the dice

Grin and laugh all you wish

I pity you, feel for your meager life

For there is no man who hates greater

than he who has nothing

There is no jealousy greater than those of you

who choose not to walk every Now and Again

on the risky side of the street; Godlike you are

I cringe at your words of wisdom

Why I sit in the sewer listening to the bitings of a rat

I suppose I feel that they need to feel superior

It’s okay with me

I no longer feel you thief

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