Aakriti is absolutely brilliant

Writings of Aakriti Kuntal

Darling, do you see me?

A bumblebee, sleeping inside your moth mouth, your voice, a sewing machine between these chopped breaths, my arms roping in your saliva, a hint of your agony hitting mine I say come on in, come on in like this feverish air, this air outside of faces, outside of all light, Come in and meet me like the seamless fondness that you are, twirling bare around my naked bones, feet tingling above feet I hear you, your Magnolia voice, around palm trees here, in their thirsty arms and windy eye sockets, almonds tearing seeds, walnuts with memories, excessively moist in all their contorted intensity, skinned and threading, my stomach like a sweet dish of paper cuts, blood clinging to blood, loss stirring loss I say come on in, wearing your white t-shirt, hanging lose, ghost like on your moon skin, on your burgundy biceps, like dead…

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