Ethereal caresses from Aakriti Kuntal

Writings of Aakriti Kuntal

This day floats around a corona smiles splitting across my carbon face Fuming naphthalene balls beneath mint skies I think of the burning, that swims beneath those eyelids, freckled paper and butter skin rubbed sunlight, where the tears appear to me as phantom chrysanthemums morbid petals, scales in rings, triangular patches of varying skin, vibrant and sweltering I sit here and I want to run, run my fingers like a lumped dagger into those heatwaves and perform a sorcery Kill every auburn inch of light until darkness gels and ties our necks into clumsy knots of a standing rose I think of wandering water in clementine circles Gathering soap-like around the shape of your boat, holding you in a reverie as I hold you in mine And then I think of drainage of levels dropping as your body fragments in my palms and spills Like a warm gushing tenderness I…

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