Wanton – Olde Punk

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Wanton by Olde Punk (RamJet Poetry)

Wanton abandon

One ton revolution

Kissing in our Sunday best

Fruitful excursions

I wanna be in your sun

Gaze like a gun

Shooting all the reckless boys

Giddy in their absolution

Crimes of passion in your name

Desire causing action that carries no shame

Green eyes burning in my direction

How I wish to dance in those flames

Serve me something that will please

Lick my soul and fold the crease

Mail me to outer space

Send me into your beliefs

I will wait in the crowd and slowly bleed

Softly appealing to your needs

Hide in the forest whispering hunger

My wanton abandon keyed up on speed

Flagrant and sloven

Poignant and abrupt

Bathe in the caldera

Of your heart

Find love in solitude

When we are apart

I will wait in the commotion

Crying due to my need for you

Wanton childe…

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