Bronze Edges

A Collaboration with B from Inner Ramblings Boulevard


Your beauty has bronze edges,
It pulls me in like a force I can’t withstand.

Sapphire shine and golden gleam,
Your eyes catch everything.

I am wrapped up in your fabric,
Aching to feel your sweet satin lips.

Raven hair and tempered steel,
I tremble so close to your body.

I want more than just your luscious skin,
Craving to be etched in your glowing heart.

This cannot be cardinal sin,
you are the temple I pray within.

Your core is surrounded by rainbows,
The outside is below the heavens gates.

Angels harken your arrival,
I am ready to bless you in every way.

I am bound by your ravishing intellect,
Sucked in by your gravitating delicious spirit.

A smile that breaks the dawn,
I bend willingly to your lovely soul.

I can see the fighter but feel the poet,
The layers of you overwhelm me.

I long to feel your warm embrace,
I want to lose myself in you forever.

I treasure your precious flesh,
I drown in the rivers off your tongue.

So like a star the love we share,
A love too great for others to bear.

Under this moonlight we stand,
Together forever hand in hand.


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