Snow is Falling Again

Powerful emotional brilliance from E.C.

Poet Girl Em

Snow is falling again.
I am lonely, tell me stories.
The absence of your voice
drops the temperature
in this godforsaken room.
I am freezing without you.
I can’t start the fire.
You always did that.

Just like you made me smile
with a single word.
Just like even in silence
our hearts beat love.
It was so easy…
Until it wasn’t.
When love’s words
became weapons
and ears became doors:


I haven’t changed.
I won’t because I meant it.
I guess I’ll start the fire,
Write my words,
Love who will take them.
Who will take me,
Love me.
Heat-seeking heart
melts its own ice.
When love’s pain
became fire
and souls became one.

Snow is falling again.



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