Over the Years


Over the years

I have watched you grow

a very long lesson

now that I know

a pretense that seemed

oh, so very real

nothing in this life

left for me to steal

mocking the laughter

that continues berating me

beside myself

stretching to see

still and always

I fall down

damn my queen

and her iridescent crown

like so much dirt

treatment taken from no man

allowing myself to drown

try swimming in the sand

your face fades unto dust

I love you

though, I had hoped to see you burning

I feel I could be tripping

down into shadow

my vision is slowly


blinded with the color

of emotion

a cancer that I am


sapping the last of my strength

the evil sweet after your

soul-killing kiss

drains my fragile will

surrender to sleep

it would be so easy


I am awake and aware

living is

an unstable compromise that we share

I love you

though I had hoped you would be returning

or burning

or that I would not care

over the years

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