Moving parts of broken hearts

beginning again, repeat the starts

nocturnal emotions, hearts aren’t smart

they believe all kinds of flash fiction

you must mind your diction

avoiding language of soul restriction

the kind that bites in the nights

of bitter disappointment

learned from scars, no longer wishing on stars

the hurt on par with the devils you spar

it’s just your everything that feels the mar

if only you could play guitar, you would

sing away the longing with abandon

the other won

there’s no one

the phaser’s on stun

moving hearts with broken parts

doomed to fall at the start

We can see your pain by observing the charts

what is a boy or girl to do

when the other takes

your glue from you

the tender pieces you packed away

stowed in secret and hidden from

the light of day

e’er there could be a puzzler come

mayhap to help you complete your sum

rebuilding that poor broken thing

coaxing a beat or two and easing the burning

you are not looking for marriage and ring

just praying you can find a helping hand

’till upon your own two feet you can again stand

mended hearts are much stronger you see

trust that I know, just wait and see

scarred tissue a suit of armor

that does not come for free

it will beat again for you, perhaps slowly

but soon your heart

will beat loud and true

just remember that you

must care for yourself

before that love can be prepared

to solve the puzzle of another heart

that needs you help


4 thoughts on “puzzles

  1. I love this in so many ways I am not sure I can express it. I am in love with your language as always: “hearts aren’t smart/they believe all kinds of flash fiction”; “if only you could play guitar, you would/sing away the longing with abandon” ; what is a boy or girl to do/
    when the other takes/your glue from you/the tender pieces you packed away/
    stowed in secret and hidden from/the light of day.” And I KNOW these feelings, these moments– they are as familiar as my hand, my heartbeat. Particularly the longing and all the tender pieces. Okay, getting teary at work. Going to go now.

    Liked by 2 people

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