To Earbuds

Outstanding bit of verse from a powerful young woman, Aakriti Kuntal. If you aren’t following her, stop what you are doing and go to her site right now!!

Writings of Aakriti Kuntal

Protrusions dwell on both your ends Racing to a nearby infinity, are we? Plastic blue, assembled in absolute neatness I wonder when they painted you, conferred your race upon you Your spiralling ends, that purpose to eavesdrop on my conversations Rollercoaster wheels, grind, grind drag and unwind push, push snaking in to probe You are blue I don not recognise you You perpetrator Are you a traitor, a friend, an immigrant, maybe a mere spectator ? Are you tarnished and reduced by conduct/ by measure ? Is that melanin you wear? or are you a narcissist? Clean and pure, through flesh and bones, sans thought and scope Oh, I bite my lip, purple squirting Scaffolded skin, these abominable thoughts then rolled into bins For such nasty things don't grace the round lips of a round woman They must be curvy and frail And afraid, forever afraid © Aakriti Kuntal Image…

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