Where My Ghosts Come Out to Play

Brave & Reckless

the room is tastefully decorated

respectful distance is kept between

the desk near the door and the

comfortable chair that I decided

the first time we met will be mine

arms folded tightly across my chest

hands in unconscious fists

the small table next to me holds

kush balls and engraved stones

with reassuring words like hope and peace

and a box of tissues that I do not like

to need to put my hand into

the art on the walls is soothing

colors mostly abstract compositions

except for the print of  colorful umbrellas

that rests on the floor against the small

filing cabinet this is my favorite

she keeps the office lights dim and I watch

the dust motes dance in the open space

between us

where do we start talking about the trauma?

asks the kind voice across the room

where do we start? I ask myself

and the usually…

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