Claustrophobic Ambitions

Clever poem from novelistbaba!

for the love of poetry

tiny self
unimportant as i may,
i know! i know i am, was, will; be nothing.
but nothing is not what i want
‘anything’ can not satisfy
demands i have none
just desire:
fair play.
resistance like challenges.
favoritism doesn’t cause me to spill,
but an active conspiracy deserves my wrath;
deserves every man, an opportunity, O fate!
don’t limit me to one room, same walls.
untie me, stop,
remove this
can hear,
these walls closing,
stop, stop, make it stop; don’t crush my
for my dreams are big, huge, GRAND!
don’t squeeze them in the corner
of immediate necessities;
of worldly duties;
warn, though,
insatiable lust this,
knows nothing about proportions.
potential is the motto & persistence a strategy
resilience is my revolution.
all force shall amplify
i beseech thee
O fate,
humble being,
but you…

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