It Fades Slowly


So little time left to await rebirth

growing impatient

painting the sweating eyes with

a course of empire

all of us choking upon the misshapen

perceptions that permeate the air

find something in nothing

an everything in something

Rise above all that is done and become


for these are the trials

paths we must all tread

Alone walking coughing sighing singing notes of the melodies of a sweet little river song of tribute to the diver who found the heart of the world once and touched it

Then time flowed out the back gate and I smelled the bad air and had a cigarette and held my teddy bear you won me at the fair on a dare that showed me how much you care

Leave the rest up to you and hope to be found awake in time for the departure of rapture to capture the spark of life we all wish to enrapture and fall into the next azure chapter and close the aperture of fracture

well wishing on a Wednesday I hope and pray for that day

so take another pill of forgetfulness and go embrace today



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