Outstanding work from Marina. She can capture the essence of the battle with addiction like no one else

Coke Whore Hippie

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the saddest of them all? Inhale, exhale, veins of blue; plastic and broken, my parallel view. Mirror, mirror, it hurts to breathe. I watch the reflection staring back at me. Harrowing whore, left all alone; one by one, powdered pills down my throat. Mirror, mirror, tell me lies; glamorize the white dust that resurrects my high. Purple bruises, faded scars; 4 a.m, isolation with the stars. Mirror, red mirror, cut open my wrists; tell me I’m pretty as the cold blood drips. Deranged and laughing like everything is fine, hypnotic eyes gaze back as I cry. Mirror, mirror, I fell to my knees; twisting the dagger, I drop down to plead. Tell me I’m happy, say it’s okay; I tremble in my room, blurry vision, watch me fade. Chugging cheap liquor until I am mad; blackout, blackout, in love with being sad. Mirror, tell me, how long have…

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