Original post 9/13. Felt I needed to say this again

RamJet Poetry


So which one to choose

the criminal or the fool

A liar or a thief

which is which


which way to turn

only one choice

a bigot or a charlatan

to endorse with our voice

Email sidetrack haircut Cadillac

sex-talk on the tarmac

let’s build a wall and watch it fall

on the principles

Intrepid internet sensation

false reality presentation

fired up fired by fires in the West

floods to the East

torn between the colours

Eminent immigration isolation forfeit

underpaid health cost sobs

Say, which way to the middle?  No jobs,

black and blue killers and shooters galore

Present the present president Gestapo

email out the hellfire manifesto

Insomnia treatise, prelude to a decision

a long-deserted road

Messiah or prophet?

Hate or scorn?

I don’t know which way I should turn

the demeanor of our leaders shall calm the world?

Sent into silent submission

please kill your television

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